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Most of my work is wheel thrown using a variety of stoneware cone six clay bodies. Most of the pieces are fired upside down in the glaze firing to create a tension between the raw clay and the lustrous glaze surface rising up. Once the pieces are fired, the fun really begins thinking about their  joinery with other materials. The pendulum planters hang like water balloons filled with their own gravity and weight yet uplifted by the cord that stretches to where it meets the ceiling. Choosing the right cord for each pot is individual. Each pot is one of a kind. When you water your pot, it swings and the pendulum effect (especially with multiple planters)  is hypnotic and relaxing. I  think about designing with pots and plants for your interior space. My vision for you is to build a space where a  vertical wall planters meets a hanging garden.The planters that sit on tables and the floor rise up to share that space. This will give you a chance to mix different plant foliage to your home and really use your whole space. Using plants to connect the rooms of your home is a powerful tool. Creating lots of texture in the home through a variety of materials is what design is about. These pots fit into that vision of home design.

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