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Commissioned Works

If you would like a group of planters made with a consideration for a specific space I can do this as a commission. We can talk or perhaps visit the space you’re interested in decorating with plants and come up with a planter plan together. At that time, I will make a proposal to be approved and get to work.

My pendulum planters are tremendously impacting as a group. They look fantastic hanging over a table for a banquet or a meeting table for a green business. High ceilings offer a lot of head space that can be filled with plants. Even spaces that do not have fantastic lighting can be adjusted by using grow lights in the installation to create an indoor living garden above your head. Reclaimed ladders function well as support, and other found objects really bring forward the industrial / farmhouse / chic-living / jungle vibe. I will work with you from inception to installation.

Wall gardens put together as a group create vertical growing space. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an entire wall all blooming? This can be done by commissioning these wall planters to be installed with this in mind. 

Tabletop planters used as a centerpieces for weddings or for a large group of round tables makes conversation easy to have and creates a bouquet that everyone can sustain in their homes. Succulents tightly packed into these very low profile planters are stunning quirky and very in vogue.

Commissioned work 
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