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Pottery made to honor plants and the lover of the living home.

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My name is Amy Kandall and I am the founder and artist behind Green Thumb Ceramics. My  pots are modern and material based in their aesthetic. I make planters that take up space in a new way. Your house plants will thrive in these handmade pots that are as personalized and alive as the plants themselves. Living with beautifully potted house plants hanging from the ceiling, attached to your walls and sitting on pedestals will enrich your appreciation for being home. Decorating with these planters is creating a living home. Each one of my pots is made with the intention of promoting a green and peaceful planet.

Due to Covid-19 ceramic production is on hold. In the need to maintain 
my creativity, I have returned to my first love...Painting. My oil paintings
are listed under All Products. Please email, DM or call me if you would to
barter your products or services. I can ship paintings but the drying
time is slow and shipping cost varies and are not included. Please let
me know where you would like me to ship and I will get back to you with
a price. If you are local, I can provide a safe driveway pick up or drop off.
I am wishing you all great light, happiness and health during this
difficult time. I will be sure to let you know when my ceramic studio is
reopened. Thank you for supporting GTC. Stay Green.
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